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Ontdek alle onze producten van het merk Target.


To bring fresh design, quality and innovation to everyone who loves the darts by creating game changing products that are a step beyond the rest.


We launched Target Darts in 2006 and have since built a reputation for fresh, innovative design, premium product quality and impeccable craftsmanship. By creating exceptional products and working with the best in the game, it is our mission to inspire people to step beyond their limits, improve their performance and experience transformative impact.


We sponsor some of the World's leading players on every continent, from the UK, through Europe and North America and throughout South East Asia and Japan. Targets player portfolio now boasts an incredible 6 world champions, including world champion Rob 'Voltage' Cross and none other than 16 x World Champion, Phil 'The Power' Taylor.


At #TeamTarget we foster a culture of invention and progression. Our bold ideas fuel our creative design process, drive our innovations and propel us into the future. We aren't just a team but a family too, and we are united by a love of the darts and an obsession with innovation.


We are pleased to announce the launch of our new multimedia campaign across several countries around the world. The campaign will span TV, Social Media and VOD. Television spots, each scheduled to air throughout the World Darts Championship on Sky Sports, with further activity poised across the likes of BT Sports, Dave and the Discovery Channel.

Our TV presence will be amplified by further activity on Sky Go in the form of six-second pre-rolls, and also a social media campaign across eleven countries.

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Hulp nodig bij het kiezen van je producten?